You can look for a partner to exchange Heka apartments with via the Apartment Exchange Market.

At some point, it may become necessary to move from your current apartment to another one that meets the needs related to your changed life situation in terms of its size, equipment or location. Have you already checked whether there is a suitable apartment exchange partner for you on the Apartment Exchange Market?

The Apartment Exchange Market is a service for tenants of Heka and other state-subsidised rental apartments owned by the City of Helsinki (apartments of Asuntohankinta and the Premises Centre). On the Apartment Exchange Market, you can view notices placed by other tenants and submit your own notice.

The Apartment Exchange Market does not allow you to look for an exchange partner from among tenants living in apartments that are located in other cities or owned by other non-profit organisations or private lessors.

Heka provides the Apartment Exchange Market, but the users of the service are responsible for the content of their notices.

The apartment exchange market is only available in Finnish, but you can submit a notice in the language of your choice.