Hundreds of rental apartments are completed for Heka each year. Because our buildings vary greatly in age, there are several renovation projects under way at all times.

Helsinki Housing Production Department ATT is in charge of new construction. Contractors are selected through competitive bidding.

New buildings completed in 2021

  • Kaupinmäenpolku 15, Lassila
  • Isonnevankuja 1, Etelä-Haaga
  • Tullivuorentie 22 ja 28, Ala-Malmi
  • Pyhätunturintie 2, Mellunmäki. Estimated completion date is 31.8.2021. New homes can be applied 9.—22.3.2021.
  • Länsisatamankatu 37, Jätkäsaari 
  • Kanariankatu 3, Jätkasaari
  • Haakoninlahdenkatu 5–7, Kruunuvuorenranta.

Tenant selection for new buildings

Tenants are selected separately for each new building. A third of the apartments in new buildings are reserved for current Heka residents who wish to change their apartment.

You must apply for housing in new Heka apartments with Rental apartment search, the housing agency of the City of Helsinki’s housing services, just like for housing in all Heka apartments. Heka does not process matters related to applications for apartments.


We aim to keep our buildings in good condition through systematic renovation work and on-demand repairs. Repairs are carried out to sections of the buildings or entire buildings are renovated. Heka regional offices will inform residents of repairs well in advance. Renovation projects are subjected to competitive bidding as individual projects.

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